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Imperial Yellow

Imperial Yellow

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Wuyi Yellow Tea is a rare and premium type of tea that is produced in the Wuyi Mountains of China. This exclusive tea is only available in limited quantities, making it a highly sought-after and coveted product among tea enthusiasts. It is typically reserved for special occasions or as a gift, and is considered a luxury item due to its high price point. The Wuyi Yellow Tea Reserve Line is a special collection of this rare tea, featuring the highest quality and most refined flavors. It is a truly exclusive and luxurious experience for those who appreciate the art of tea.


Yellow tea is a rare delicacy produced by softly steaming young tea leaves through a damp cloth. This marginally oxidizes the leaves and gives the tea its signature yellow color. A slightly sweet, exquisite taste - the best yellow tea encapsulates a rich mouth feel with sharper and more distinct overtones.

Steeping:​ 3 g at 180°F for 3 minutes

Ingredients: ​single origin yellow tea

Origin: ​Houshan Huang, China


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Gabriella Raviera
Tastiest tea I have drank 😲

The Imperial Yellow tea from Organic Origins is a true treasure. The delicate and smooth taste of the tea is unparalleled, and the aroma is light and floral. It's a tea that is perfect for those who want a refined and elegant drinking experience.