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Lung Ching Dragonwell Reserve

Lung Ching Dragonwell Reserve

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Welcome to our exclusive reserve line of premium Lung Ching and Dragon Well teas. These rare teas are known for their delicate flavors and smooth, rich textures.

Our Lung Ching tea is grown in the famous Lung Ching village in China's Zhejiang province. Its signature flat leaves and yellow-green color are the result of its unique hand-picking and pan-firing process. This tea is often referred to as the "Dragon Well" due to the legend that a dragon once emerged from the well in Lung Ching village to bless the tea fields.

Our Dragon Well tea is also grown in Zhejiang province, but in the West Lake region. It is known for its beautiful jade-green color and refreshing, nutty flavor. It is also carefully hand-picked and pan-fired to maintain its unique character.

Both of these teas are part of our exclusive reserve line, which means they are limited in availability and only offered to our most discerning customers. We are proud to offer these premium teas at our online store, where you can purchase them in small or large quantities.

Thank you for considering our Lung Ching and Dragon Well teas as part of your tea collection. We hope you enjoy them as much as

Dragonwell green tea is the best known tea from China. This artisan tea is hand picked and wok-fired by skilled tea masters, resulting in a glossy, earthy and slightly oily flavor, reminiscent of nori or a “seaweed”. Excellent mouth-feel and a superb choice for green tea lovers.

Steeping: 4 g at 177°F for 3 minutes

Ingredients: green tea

Origin: Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, China


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