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Premium Ceremonial Competition Grade Matcha

Premium Ceremonial Competition Grade Matcha

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Our Matcha originates from the same garden as our winning entry at the 2019 Global Tea Championship Awards. Made only from young, shade-grown, stone milled tea leaves of the highest quality. Bright vegetal notes lead into a lingering sweetness. The vibrant green color is a result higher levels of chlorophyll from shading the leaves.

For the ultimate experience: Use a 100+ tong whisk, preheat bowl by rinsing with hot water, use only freshy boiled water, whisk in a W motion for 20 seconds or until a thick layer of froth forms. Take the time to truly appreciate an award winning tea


Reccomended Quantities:

1.4g/0.05oz Tea

60ml/2oz Water


100% Organic Matcha Green Tea Powder


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