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Aged Silver Needle Reserve

Aged Silver Needle Reserve

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Welcome to the Aged Silver Needle Private Reserve, a rare and premium line of exclusive teas. Our reserve line is made up of the finest, most sought after teas from around the world.

Our Aged Silver Needle Private Reserve tea is made from the finest young buds of the tea plant, hand-picked and carefully processed to ensure maximum flavor and aroma. This exclusive tea is known for its delicate and floral taste, making it a true connoisseur's choice.

Our reserve line is limited in production and only available through select retailers and our online store. We are proud to offer our customers the opportunity to experience the exceptional quality of our Silver Needle Private Reserve tea.

We invite you to browse our website and learn more about our exclusive reserve line and the unique characteristics of each of our teas. We also offer a variety of sales collateral, including tea pots, cups, and other accessories to enhance your tea drinking experience.

Thank you for choosing the Silver Needle Private Reserve for your tea needs. We hope you enjoy every sip as much as we do.

Once reserved only for emperors, this is the finest tea ever created. Made exclusively from only the youngest buds and hand-picked right before opening, it is one of the rarest teas in the world. Divinely light and crisp with “champagne” qualities, take your time sipping this refined and exquisite tea.

Steeping:​ 3 g at 190°F for 3 minutes.

Ingredient​s: single origin white tea

Origin: ​Zhejiang Province, China


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